Chris James

Chris James is a burn survivor of 16 years. After his burn injury in a high school science experiment Chris was left confused and looking for answers while transitioning into adulthood. Fortunately a nurse at the Grossman Burn Center who treated Chris understood he could be a valuable part of the burn community.

Five years after his injury, he attended his first camp and first support group. This experience was life changing. Chris has since been heavily involved in the burn community, as an active member on the committee for the World Burn Congress with the Phoenix Society, and now with the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Chris facilitates two support groups at the Pasadena location. He believes the groups have had a tremendous impact on the lives of both young adults and burn supporters – family and friends.

Chris is currently pursuing his doctorate in psychology and hopes to be a licensed psychologist soon. He is currently a licensed marriage and family therapist intern. As a board member Chris is committed to carrying out the mission to improve the quality if life for burn survivors throughout California.