Alexis Deleon

I was burned 5 years ago (I was 21). I was at a bonfire and this person was throwing industrial strength rubbing alcohol into the fire. He was drinking so didn’t realize how hard he was tossing the rubbing alcohol. I was directly across sitting on a chair talking to the person next to me when next thing I know fire is surrounding the sides of my face arms and chest.
Luckily I did the old stop drop and roll trick. I put myself out. I was burned on 21% of my body. A mixture of 1st 2nd and a large portion 3rd degree. I spent 3 weeks in st Barnabas burn ICU in NJ. I had skin graft surgery on my wrists, arms, and chest. I developed a DVT down my entire leg while there, which luckily cleared, and had to work with physical therapy to walk again without immense pain. It was a long, tough, painful recovery but it made me a stronger person.

I want to share my story, because there is light at the end of the tunnel. There were times I thought it was too tough, and I would never recover. But you do! Don’t cover up your scars or feel embarrassed by them. Smile, hold your head high, because you kick ass you tough cookie.

  • karen anderson

    You are one tough cookie and then some. Im very proud of the woman you are. Life has handed you several lemons and you have definitely made sweet lemonade from them. Go kick some more ass!

  • nicole ortega

    Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a highschool student who is currently studying the skin in my anatomy class, I was wondering if maybe I could as you some questions about your accident? thank you in advance.