Annette Swann

Annette Swann

Annette Swann

My whole life changed in the blink of an eye when the careless actions of a man pouring methylated spirits on a BBQ caused an explosion that burnt me when I was a 9 year old child in 1974. He never took responsibility and I have never heard from him since that day. I hope to find him to forgive him and have closure. I have recently written my Memoir, Burnt Face, which tells my story of survival and how I overcame being bullied at school to become a strong and rebellious teen growing up in the notorious suburb of Broadmeadows, known for boisterous youth and gangs during the 70s and 80s.

Burnt Face is available at
I hope it inspires other children and burns victims and their families.

I moved to Mackay with my parents and three year old son in 1991 to begin a new chapter in my life. I met my husband, Jason in 1992 and after a 12 month friendship we began a romantic relationship which continues to this day. I still live in Mackay with my husband and three grown children Shay, Reyan and Brydee.

I attained a degree with high distinctions in Public Relations and Communications in 2010 as well as a Diploma of Multimedia. I am a freelance writer and editor and have over 10 years experience in Public Relations, Marketing and Business Management. I have been the Business and Marketing Manager with the Mackay GP Superclinic Group since 2013.

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    Thank you for sharing my story. This is a wonderful support site xxx

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    Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a highschool student who is currently studying the skin in my anatomy class, I was wondering if maybe I could as you some questions about your accident? thank you.