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Location: Galesburg, IL

Date Of Injury: April 1990

Hi everyone. For those who have just come across the page and don’t know me my name is Caper Brown and I’m raising funds to get my book published.

I assume you might be wondering what kind of book? On April 19th, 1990 my younger brother and I were burned in a gasoline explosion. Me-severely. This is my story of what life was like for me those years just after my burns.

Many people really have no clue the hardships a burn survivor faces every day. The difficulty and pain doesn’t end after Ia burn survivor leaves the hospital. We face a lifetime of difficulties and lest we forget we are reminded every time we see our scars or look in a mirror.

I’ve procrastinated and taken too long to get my story out there and I need to get it published not just for me but so other’s can read my story while they still can. For example my grandma won’t be around forever as much as I hate to admit it.

The funds will be used to pay the publishing fees, and marketing fees, I need to get my book out there for everyone to see.

KEEP IN MIND at the moment I haven’t decided on a publisher but it will cost between $3500 -$4500 depending which publisher I choose to go with.

I am offering gifts to top donors. The top 10 donors will receive free hard copies and a sneak peak at the book title before anyone else.

The next 10 will receive paperback copies of the book. And I might add some goodies later on.

I thank everyone who can contribute no matter the amount every little bit helps. Lord knows this kind of money is beyond my means so I’m truly appreciative of everyone’s kindness and generosity.

Help me share my story.

If you can help Caper please click HERE.

  • Caper Brown

    Btw an update, and if you go to my gofundme page it has this info as well. The book was funded and the cover design will be finished any day. After that the initial print run begins. The book is titled “Soul Uncharred” and I’m very excited to see it finished soon.

  • Caper Brown

    A further update. My book is available. At the moment I’m awaiting for publisher to finish my press release and marketing kit before I contact media. At one point point is was number 1 new release in biographies/special needs.