Location: Fresno, CA

Date Of Injury: September 2012

“On September 3, 2012, after spending a day with family, I was driving home and I fell asleep behind the wheel. I crashed my car into a power pole the car caught fire with me in it. As a result I was airlifted to Fresno Community Burn Unit due to my injuries.

I had burns to 65% of my body. From my waste down they were 3rd degree and doctors had to cut my legs open to try and avoid them having to be amputated. Luckily I still have my legs.

I was in the hospital for more than ten months and went through 30 surgeries. I couldn’t walk, move or do anything myself. I thought my life was over. My family would try to encourage me and say I would be back to walking and being better one day but I never believed them. I couldn’t stand on my own, let alone walk.

I had to learn to walk again and relearn how to do the regular activities of daily living. Following my injuries, I had low self-esteem because I felt like I was just one big scar walking around.

Today, I am really into fitness and workout everyday. I have my self confidence back and I am not afraid to show off my skin anymore. I lost the 4 fingers to my left hand but I still manage to do pull-ups and do them proudly.

I’m currently going back to school now to be a Physical Therapist. In the long run I want work with burn survivors like myself. My accident changed my life and in the beginning I felt like it would have been best if I didn’t survive. Now, I feel like everything I do, I do it with more of a purpose and I have come to appreciate life more. After what I endured, all I want is to encourage the world.”

  • Alpha Falls

    Im sorry you had gone through what you’ve gone through. I couldn’t even imagine what it must have been like for you through those many month. My sister Brenda, who is a burn unit nurse there, shared this post. She is proud of you. You have a great success story to tell and Im so very happy for you and what you’ve accomplished. You’re very strong inside and out. And it sounds like you are in the right track in what you want to do with your life.More power to you and may God bless you more.

    • Francisco Padilla

      Thank you very much I really appreciate the kind words and I just hope to make a difference and if I could help just one person that will be enough for me Thank you once again