Location: USA

Date Of Injury: 2011

“Five years ago, my life changed forever. I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident that put me in the Mercy Burn Unit with road rash burns to 20% of my body.

After five years, I celebrate the life that I almost lost! I celebrate that I am strong, that I am a survivor, that I am more than blessed to be here and I celebrate the people that have stuck with me through it all, the people that have made me an even better person that I was before my motorcycle accident.

Since my accident I have figured out my purpose and I have figured out the “why” to what happened. As soon as I stepped into my first support group meeting, I knew there was no turning back, they they were stuck with me for life! I have met some strong and amazing people! This other family of mine means more to me than they will ever know. I have so much love for them! This is also why I chose to volunteer my time at the Burn Unit to help others overcome such a tragedy in their lives. I want to help them to know that is gets better and there is a beautiful life ahead of them after being burned.”

  • Cris A. Reed

    Hi my name is Cris Reed, I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident on July 8, 2011. I was cared for at the UPMC mercy burn unit in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am looking for resources for burn survivors that are in need. I have a page on Facebook under the heading of… Adventure dynamics. It is geared towards educating any driver, especially young drivers on the importance of attentive driving practices. I am always looking to be of assistance to anyone going through a dramatic burn being that I’ve been there. I will look for A reply. I travel the country extensively buy motorcycle throughout the riding season I post all my adventures on the Facebook page… For the most part… LOL