Location: Australia

Date Of Injury: 2015

Six-year old Kobe was involved in an accident which resulted in burns to 14% of his body on his leg, arms and belly. He was airlifted to the Royal Hobart Hospital where he is now recovering. Far away from home, Kobe will be undergoing another big skin graft surgery on Monday behind his knee on his deepest burn

Our thoughts are with Kobe and his family and we hope he has a speedy and healthy recovery.

The Burn Survivor Resource Community encourages donations to help with Jared’s medical bills by clicking HERE.
  • Cè Nedra May

    🙂 thankyou.. This is my little man.. We are so very proud of hpw far he has come in the last couple of months since his accident he is now back at scjool for the last few weeks of term here… He has a few anxiety and ptsd issues and is receiving counciling and attending physio .we would like to say a big thanks for sharing kobe-james’s story and for your support

    • Burn Survivor

      We want to with you and your family a very Merry Christmas and hope Kobe-James is continuing to recover well.

      Sending you our prayers,

      The Burn Survivor Resource Community.