Location: Texas

Date Of Injury: April 12, 1992

I am a 36 year old burn survivor and was burned when I was twelve years old and has permanently lost a large percentage of cranial Hair coverage. I have been finding ways to conceal this bald area since the age of twelve years old.

I am just tired and very sad since the hair thinned out on my head and have had to resort to custom sewing wigs to cover up my entire head now. It is even worse since I have a thin layer of scar tissue that is my only defense in durability which has had a wound that I cannot get to fully heal since the store bought wigs I’ve been wearing take so much more process to service/sew & re-attach back on again.

I have been able to find an advanced healing bandage that allows my head better protection, but I know that it is only due to the store bought wigs & the time it takes me to fully service & custom fit these wigs along with the grueling process of having to glue and tape the wig on, that is preventing this wound from being able to heal properly.

I did obtain finally, some health insurance since Hair Designers of Houston suggested I do so in-order to get covered for the cost of the systems I would need, but as it turns out, my health insurance doesn’t cover Cranial Prosthetics.

I cannot apply and be approved for disability since my medical files have mysteriously gone missing along with the other 4.9 million patients records from Tricare’s Data Files Breach incident in 2011. I am just one person here and I know that my situation is most likely isolated if not- one of a kind, yet I am still clueless as to how to go about my everyday life without at least having my own self-dignifying head of hair to at least appear as though I have a full head of hair like almost everyone else does.

This got me thinking though that, maybe there are other burn survivors out there just like me but are too humiliated to let anyone know about what they are most likely struggling to conceal just as I have for so long. So I have decided that if it means me having to come forward and confess to the world my secret then so be it, if it means helping one other burn survivor then to me -it is worth the revelation to society about my personal loss.

I know what I have been trying to do thus far has been at times so unbearable that I simply did not want to get out of bed and keep searching for help anymore. If I can stop one person from feeling the pain and humility that I have then yes, this is worth it to me FOR THEM.

Alopecia/Cancer & Trichotillomania patients & children are eligible to receive discounted hair prosthetics and services… where-as, burn survivors are not allowed any consideration to even be eligible in receiving support for cranial coverage by most -if not ALL hair restoration/replacement companies to date. Does any place provide help to burn survivors not for only myself but my other fellow burn survivors as well?

If you would like to help Misty, please click HERE.

Burn Survivor, Misty Muncy