Danielle Richardson

Hi my name is Danielle Richardson, I am a burn survivor and I will like to tell my story.
When I was 2 years old, I was running around playing in the kitchen. My mom told me to get back because she was cooking. However being so young I didn’t understand why. A couple minutes later I began to get impatient and hungry. My mom was boiling hot water at the time and turned her back for a minute.

When she turned her back, I tried to see what was in the pot so I tipped the pot over. When I tipped the pot over, boiling water spilled all over me. I had third degree burns on arms and my face. My mom quickly put me in cool water but the pajamas I had on was already burning to my skin. I had a couple of surgeries after that and decided to not have anymore.

I am so blessed to believe and want to dedicate the rest of my life to try and help other burn survivors or people with scars to overcome their scars. Your past helps to form who you are but it doesn’t define you. In the next year, I’m hoping to start a foundation.┬áThere are people out there who feel that their life is over because of what happened. I’m here to tell them that their new exciting life has just BEGAN !