Location: Texas

Date Of Injury: April 13, 2015

My name is Aaron Foshee. I’m 24 years old. On April 23, 2015 at 7:48am I was burned.

At that time I was farming 800 acres in my own name. I was driving southbound to the farm when I saw two semi-trucks that were going north, wreck. One was a cargo truck, but the other was a propane tanker. The accident put a one foot gash in the propane tank and propane started spewing out. I had pulled over in the ditch when I saw the accident. Once I saw the propane I immediately started backing up to get away from it. I ended up backing into a sign and having to bail out of my truck. I didn’t make it far before the propane caught fire.

I was standing in a cloud of propane that, in a split second, turned into a huge fireball. I was rushed to the Brownfield hospital and then rushed to UMC in Lubbock.

I was unconscious for a month nearly. I was burned 64%. After 42 days at UMC I spent 15 days at a rehab center.

I still need surgeries but nothing too major, just web releases on my hands and maybe laser surgery down the road.

Aaron Foshee, Burn Survivor