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Location: Glasgow, UK

Date Of Injury: June 2016

Abbie Kilbride had been wanting to get her teeth whitened ever since she had had her braces taken off. After noticing a couple of people on her Facebook had been using a local woman, she decided to book in.

Assuming the woman performed the beauty treatment on a part-time basis, Abbie decided not to question why she was working from her home.

But an hour later, she really wished she had.

‘I sat there for just over one hour and every 10-15 minutes she would top up the gel on my teeth,’ Abbie explained in a Facebook post that has been shared over 7,000 times so far.

‘No questions were asked like my age, have I had my teeth whitened before, any allergies or patch test.’

When the treatment ended, Abbie was left with a numb mouth – which she assumed was because she had been sat with a gum shield in her mouth for over an hour.

But when she looked in the mirror, her lips were incredibly swollen and she was struggling to talk.

She was told this was normal and that she ‘should put lipstick on and it would be fine’.

Two hours later, Abbie used ice and antihistamines to reduce the swelling.

Though it worked a little in the short term, when she woke up the next day, she felt even worse.

‘I woke up the next morning and my two lips were literally stuck together and the whole right side of my lip was huge as if I had been in the boxing ring,’ she said.

‘I went to the chemist for some advice on what to use but they advised I just went straight to my GP.’

Her GP told her that what she had done was ‘extremely stupid’ and, according to Abbie, laughed it off, telling her ‘it was a lesson learned’ and she left with a prescription of more antihistamines.

Unhappy with her appointment, Abbie went to see another chemist for a second opinion and she was told to try using Bonjela for the 10 blisters that had formed since the teeth-whitening appointment.

Though it seemed to numb the pain for a good 30 minutes, her mouth ‘felt like it was on fire’, and when she awoke the following morning, she was still the same amount of pain, and her many blisters had formed into two large ones which were yellow in colour.

‘I couldn’t open my mouth to speak/eat and it felt like my gums were about to rip apart,’ she said.

Unsure of what to do next, she text the woman who performed the beauty treatment along with a picture of her lips and mouth.

Abbie wanted to know the gel used, so she could find out if she’d had an allergic reaction.

Even after sending three messages, Abbie received no reply.

At a loss of what to do, Abbie dialed the NHS helpline.

She was booked in to a dental hospital for an emergency appointment and, after being seen by three dentists, was informed that the entirety of her mouth was suffering with third degree burns and a possible allergic reaction.

‘The dentist was so shocked, he also took pictures and was showing the other nurses because of how bad it is,’ said Abbie.

‘I’m not sure about anyone else but I always just assumed the only thing that could really go wrong with teeth whitening was that you don’t notice a change in colour?’

Luckily, Abbie’s burns will heal – and she’s been put on a diet of soup and scrambled egg in the meantime, as anything else is too painful.

She’s hoping her story will urge others not to go to just anyone to get their teeth whitened.

She said: ‘I was completely unaware that only a dentist can do this treatment so if you’re booked in anywhere other than a dentist/dental nurse please, please stay away!’

We’re so glad Abbie’s swollen mouth is just temporary – and it definitely just goes to show that if you want a nice smile, it’s definitely worth waiting for (or remembering to brush your teeth at night).