Location: Ohio

Date Of Injury: March 1987

I’m Alisha Robb. It’s been a long time since I’ve last told my story.
But I think it’s important to share & know that we all have a support

When I was 13 months old our family had a house fire. While my dad was at work & my 7 month pregnant mom, 3 year old sister as well as I
were sleeping. My mom got me & my sister out of the house, but sadly
my sister passed away 5 days later. My mom got out with minor injuries &
gave birth to a healthy baby boy 2 months later. I survived with 36% of my body burned & lung damage.

While I’ve never been ashamed of my scars, I have recently started laser treatment on them. I haven’t had any skin releases for about 12 years now ( I’m now 30), so my scars are getting tight & I’m losing range of motion. I’ve had one treatment on my chest & 3 on my neck; it’s greatly improved appearance on my neck & range of motion in both areas. I’ve had 2 treatments on my face which have made the scars far less noticeable. I’ve also had over 75 surgeries both reconstructive & cosmetic.

Our house fire was when I was a baby; being a burn survivor is the only thing I’ve ever known. My parents never treated me different from my brothers & thought me to live how I want to & to never be afraid to share my scars with others. Having parents that always supported me & were always there for all the surgeries & after care is something I will always be
grateful for. They gave me the strength to stand on my own, & I even moved to Hawaii all by my lonesome 7 years ago. Where, wearing a swimsuit & letting people see my scars is something I don’t think twice about.

While I know everyone’s story is different, I hope all burn survivors know how beautiful they truly are.