Location: Nashville, USA

Date Of Injury: 2015

Amelia just celebrated her 9th birthday in September. She recently became a burn victim after a brush fire accident on October 13. She is currently in the burn victim unit in Vanderbilt, Nashville Tn. She suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns from her thighs down to her ankles and 1st and 2nd degree burns on both arms. The burn specialist estimate her to be in the hospital for at least two weeks. She is in extreme pain and the hospital is doing everything they can to manage it.

The specialist are still unsure whether she will need skin graphs. She goes through hydrotherapy daily. She has some very deep wounds on her legs that pose a huge concern. She also has a feeding tube in place. Her mother is staying with her and is the sole financial provider for her and her other two sisters. They live in Greeneville, Tennessee.

The family needs help with medical expenses, living expenses, travel expenses and child care expenses for Amelia’s two sisters while she is in the hospital. Please help support this family in the tragic moment and prayers are needed for the healing of Amelia!

T-shirts were created to help out Amelia and her family. Amelia’s favorite color is blue. Check out the shirts and order one if you would like to support Amelia!


The back says Team Amelia

If you can help Amelia please click HERE.