Amy Imogen Tanzer



Date Of Injury: June 24, 2012

Okay so I saw the tag #Burnsurvivorsupport and decided to tell my burn story. I do so in hopes of inspiring others with the same type of injuries or burns as me, as I gain so much strength and inspiration from the stories of others.

On 24 June 2012, I was in an accident at my boyfriends house. It was his 18th birthday celebration with my parents also being there. I was sitting around the fireplace with my boyfriend and two other guys. One of the guys, unthinkingly, tried to reignite the embers and poured our Paraffin directly onto the fire, from a full 5 L bottle.

Those 5 L bottles of Paraffin exploded into a massive fireball. I wasn’t the only injured, but mine were the most severe.

I ran into the hallway trying to pat myself out. Unfortunately, I was wearing a lot of synthetic fibers and the fuel exploded on to me, making my legs extremely flammable. I immediately fell to the floor to stop drop and roll. As I did so, my entire blazer went up in flames. It was extremely distressful as the flames would not go out.

My dad, boyfriend and his father jumped on top of me to stifle the flames. The only thing that saved my upper body was my long-sleeve 100% cotton knit jersey, my dad put me straight into a shower and ran the water for 30 minutes.

I only spent a month in the hospital, I had five skin graphs. I have intensive surgery to learn how to stand and walk again. It’s a long process, but because of so much love and support an amazing treatments and surgeons, I feel that I will recover both emotionally and physically. I give so much love and strength to other burn victims and burn survivors. Thank you for letting me share my story.

amy imogen tanzer, Burn Survivor