Post courtesy of Burn Survivor Ana


Location: Colombia

Date Of Injury: 1993

Hello my name is Ana Gonzalez, a burn survivor, I am a quarter of a century old and I never thought I would make it this far, but here I am spreading hope everywhere I go. I was burnt in Colombia when I was just three years old on New Year’s Eve. It was an accident the lady using a propane stove was pouring gasoline into it then she began pumping it while she left the valve open and it exploded and she threw it and it landed right in front of me.

I was in a induced comma for about three weeks with a third degree burn and 60% of body burn. I was in the hospital for three months having several surgeries per day to cover up the wounds through skin grafts.

Doctors told my mother I was never going to make it, but God had other plans for me and here I am a living breathing testimony as a miracle of God. Therefore, I seeked treatment at Shriners Hospital for Children and I have been blessed ever since I came to America.

Hope to inspire thousands of people across the world when they hear my story it’s not a soap opera but you could say I’ve experienced a lot of things in life way beyond just my accident.