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Austin Byrd

Location: Georgia, USA

Date Of Injury: Oct 13th, 2015

Oct 13th, 2015 was probably the worst day of my life. Our quiet life was rocked as a tragic accident occurded as my 2 sons were burning trash as they do every other day. My 11 yr old son, Austin Byrd, had 3rd degree burns on the left side of his face, neck and most of his left hand requiring skin grafts. His right hand, right side of his face, and chest were only second degree and have stared to heal nicely.

I have had people from around the world respond to his facebook post and many asking if i have set up a gofund me account so the can help from across the country.

So whether this raises $5.00 or $5000 just know that any donations we recieve that isnt used for medical bills, gas or therapy will be donated in an even split to the Ronald McDonald house (which was a life saver during his hospital stay) and Burn Camp (which Austin will be attending next yr). Thank you all in advance.

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