Location: Mexico

Date Of Injury: 2016

This is my cousins 3 year old baby Cristian Humberto Michel aka Betito, who suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face/neck, arms, leg and back on Sunday Feb 21st. He accidentally grabbed a pot of boiling hot water from the stove and spilled it all over himself. They live in Mexico, a little town called Union de Tula, Jalisco. Very nice people loved by everyone but unfortunetly no one is that well off to donate or lend them the money they need to air lift the baby to Texas where he can receive the correct treatment for his burns. Please help us raise the 50,000.00 needed for him to be transfered and treated in Texas @ Shriners pediatric burn center.

If anyone has any further questions feel free to ask! Thank you so much for reading and for all your prayers!!! Much love xoxox


He is currently staying at a Public hospital in Guadalajara Mexico & not receiving the correct treatment. Yesterday Sunday the 28th was the first time the Doctor cleaned his burns, his dad said he was starting to smell like rotting flesh & no one would do anything about it. This breaks not only my heart but all of me. I wish i could do so much more but i’m currently doing everything in my power to get him here as soon as possible before he gets a bacterial infection and things get worse ☹

betito, Burn Survivor, christian humberto michel