Location: Indianapolis, IN

Date Of Injury:

My husband is Bodie Jiles. He is a strong, loving and devoted husband and father. He was burned over 40% off his body at the age of 12. Since we have been married he has been trying to go to the World Burn Congress (WBC) with no luck. He will not take finances away from our family and children to benefit himself. He suffers silently with his PTSD and other traumas. It is important to me to try to help him get to the WBC this year because it is in Indianapolis, IN. We live in Indiana and would be able to drive there if we had assistance with the hotel costs and event costs. I emplore you to help me give this once in a lifetime opportunity to a man who has done so much to help others. Thank you for your time and consideration.

If you can help Bodie please click HERE.

bodie jiles, Burn Survivor