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Location: Miami, USA

Date Of Injury: 2016

I have never done a fundraiser before, but I am in need of help and I no longer know where to turn.

My name is Chelsey Stewart. Last Tuesday I was a victim of a gas leak in my home. I was in my bathroom and I lit a candle about to take a bath after work. Shortly after my body was swallowed in flames, I was sent to Miami Valley Burn Unit for a week and was treated for 2nd degree burns on 50 percent of my body. I recently was discharged, and I am having a rough time coping with my trauma and new life.

I have a 3 year old, his name is Camden. He is my light at the end of a tunnel. He is scared of my morphed face and has never seen me like this before. I don’t have much family here in Ohio and it is challenging to take care of my child at this moment. I’m just now learning to walk up the stairs and shower alone. The doctor said that I cannot return back to work until my birthday on March 28th.

Since my burns are still severe, I have to wrap my body twice a day. The hospital explained that they can only provide me with one day of medical supplies and then I am on my own. I am struggling already am to be completely honest I have under $500 in my bank account.

Any donation no matter how big or small would mean the whole world to Camden and I. If you want to add me on Facebook my Facebook name is “Chels Roch” (Roch is my middle name).

Also for any donation I would like to write a thank you card so we can exchange email and information. If you wish to be kept private I understand as well.

God bless and stay grateful and positive ❤️

If you can help Chelsea please click HERE.