My name is Diana and I’m a burn survivor from Germany.
When I was 5 years old, two of my siblings and I had survived a huge fire at home.
We had a heater in our room which was broke. My parents were still asleep and they always locked our room, so we kids couldn’t disturb them. It was January, winter and it was very cold, so I wanted to try to make a fire in the heater with coal, like my stepfather was doing all the time. Unfortunately, everything went wrong ( I was a child, 5 years old, and I guess I didn’t know how to do it right) and a fire was breaking out and the room was set alight. After a few minutes (it felt like hours!) my stepfather woke up, noticed the smoke and saved us from the flames. Me, my younger sister and brother were at the hospital for almost 4 months. We were very lucky, that we had survived. It was the most painful, horrible and traumatic experience of our lives, but the hardest part about it was not the healing process. The most difficult thing was and still is to deal with the staring people and the stupid things they say about my scars. Of course, today I’m an adult person and it’s all about self-love, I know that, but sometimes people can be so bad.
Today, I’m a pediatric nurse for children with congenital heart defects on ICU and I’m able to help other families during a very hard time. I love my job and I love my life , what I share everyday. I think the parents of my little heart-patients see my face and they know, that I had some bad experience in my life too, so they feel understood and I guess they trust me even more.

I just want to thank you guys for your very important work. Sharing stories like mine can not take the pain and the trauma away, but people need to know that they are not alone. They need to know, that they are loved and they need to know that after rain, always comes the sun!

Thank you guys,
spread the LOVE!!!

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