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Location: Brussels, Belguim

Date Of Injury: March 2016

Fanny Klein was admitted to hospital with serious burns after the airport explosion in Brussels.

A young woman who suffered serious burns to her head and hands in the Brussels’ airport attack on Tuesday has spoken of her ordeal.

Twenty-year-old Fanny Klein talked to a local reporter on Wednesday at the Stuivenberg hospital in Antwerp where she’s being treated.

She said: “I haven’t even had the time to look around because we’d just arrived at the (check-in) line.

“There wasn’t even enough time to say a word and then all of a sudden there was just this enormous noise.

“It sounded like the end of the world in one second. I found myself on the ground and there was ash everywhere, it was all grey.

“I was covered in some brown stuff. It stank of burnt pig, so I got up and I got out as fast as possible.”

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