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Location: Italy

Date Of Injury: 1989

My name Is Giulio, I am 31 years old. When I was 4 I had a terrible accident: I was close to the fireplace, a bottle of gasoline exploded and I got burned over 60% of my body.

Since 1990 I was traveling between Italy and USA ( Southfield, Michigan ) to have reconstructive surgeries, for a Total of 48 of it.

As you can imagine, my life during my childhood was pretty hard, but I always tried to be strong, so I was always able to have a good social life.

After high school I joined the Italian Army where I served for about 3 years. I worked on my body trying to look good and athletic even though the scars made me look “different”.

During the service I met my wife Veronica, an Amazing Woman.

After that i joined the Fire Department Academy, I was a paramedic for about 2 years and then I asked to be moved to the Fire Search and Rescue Squad till 2010.

After my first child, Samantha was born, I was asked to work as a Director and Motivational Speaker in Malaysia for the company “Telelife”.

We thought that would be good to try a new experience. I accepted. And, we’ve already been here 5 years. In the mean time we had a son, Christian.

After many years, I started to feel that I would like to know the feeling of going out, or meeting someone new without people wondering what happened to me.

Every time I go with my kids to a party I see other people staring at me, wondering what happened. Now my daughter is big enough to understand and I would like to avoid her friends asking what happened to her daddy. So I think its time for a change.

Now medicine and surgery have made an amazing evolution.

Talking to my lifelong Surgeon, Dr. Jan Jackson, there is many new methods to heal burn victims.

I hope to raise enough funds to move the U.S. and have Face Transplant surgery, so, maybe I will have a second chance for a normal life.

The total amount to raise, calculating flights, house rent, Hospital and Doctors Fees, extras is around $150,000.

Thanks to all of you in advance for your support.

Giulio, Veronica, Samantha & Christian

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