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Location: North Carolina, USA

Date Of Injury: 1998

“A month before my 3rd birthday, my family and I experienced a tragic event. I was asleep when the laundry room caught on fire due to the washing machine and dryer wired getting hot from running all day. The room I was in just so happened to be right beside of it. I can’t tel you how many surgeries I’ve had but I’ve had more than you can imagine a person having. It’s been 18 years and 1 month since this near-death experience and the journey has definitely not been easy, but I’ve overcome it and came out on top through it all. I’m blessed to still be here today. My scars are my battle wounds, my beauty marks and I am one tough soldier. I love who I am and embrace every scar that appears on my body…”

A burns survivor who once battled suicidal thoughts has learned to accept her scars and plans to become a motivational speaker.

Harley Dabbs, from North Carolina, US, was two years old when a house fire left her body with 85 per cent burns. Despite her horrific injuries, she defied medics who believed she only had a two per cent chance of survival.

But her badly scarred skin made her a target for bullies and as a teen she struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. Now 21, Ms Dabbs has beaten her demons and has had a phoenix tattoo to mark her personal change.