Location: Oklahoma, USA

Date Of Injury: April 27, 1988

I grew up in rural Oklahoma. At the age of seven I was critically injured in a motorcycle accident on a nearby country road. The tragic accident claimed the life of my nine-year old brother. I sustained third degree burns spanning 87% of my body, as well as internal damage to my aorta. Doctors calculated a 140% chance of me dying! Defying all odds lived to tell my story; a story about God’s goodness in the midst of storms.

I remember one time referring to myself as a burn victim when I was about eight or nine. I just repeated what I had always heard, not understanding the label. My Dad said, “I thought you always saw yourself as a survivor. Victims die. You didn’t.” I felt like he gave me a superhero cape that day – I was a burn survivor!!!

My Dad passed away ten years ago, but his voice still echoes today, when I present to nursing students. I always incorporate that story and I try to make them very mindful that there are burn patients, unfortunately there are burn victims, but those who live are burn survivors. I ask them to help patients find identity in that label. It’s empowering.

Having grown up with medical outcomes that I may never walk again or that I may never have children, but I did both! It goes to show that no circumstance is too bleak and no label is too despairing for God’s hand to be at work.
Today I use my story to help spread a message of victory in my work as a nurse, writer and public speaker. To this day I live on the land I grew up on with my husband Brandon and my four children.

Thanks so much for helping me share my story with the Burn Survivor Community.

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