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Location: Toledo, OH

Date Of Injury: May 2016

TOLEDO(13abc Action News) – Some progress for the University of Toledo student badly burned in a weekend incident at an off-campus home. Janelle Noe, 20, was burned by someone carelessly using high proof alcohol.

As of Monday afternoon, Noe was listed in critical condition at Mercy Saint Vincent’s burn unit.

Noe is a member of the University of Toledo cross country team. She’s now eating and drinking but has a long way to go in her recovery.

13abc is learning some new information about what happened in inside the home on Dorchester Saturday morning, where her family says she arrived as a designated driver for her friends. According to the newly released police report, it was a very dangerous combination with dangerous consequences.

Around 2:00am Saturday, the parents of Noe got the frightening call. Their daughter being rushed to a hospital after being burned. A Toledo police report reveals how she was burned.

The report says someone used “180 proof alcohol and decided to ignite it by spraying or pouring it into a lit candle. The fire then caught the victim on fire.”

The I-Team went to the home Monday but no one answered the door. While it’s not clear exactly what happened inside, there are plenty of videos online showing the dangers of high proof alcohol and an open flame.

Toledo police are still investigating, trying to talk to witnesses. People that apparently tried to help Noe according to the police report.

It says “several party guests began looking for a fire extinguisher and blankets” after the fire occurred.

Some of Noe’s friends have set up a gofundme page, updating people on her prognosis. The family didn’t want to speak publicly Monday but on the gofundme page we received this update from Noe’s mother.

“Janelle was able to use a fork to eat some fruit as well as a couple spoons of mashed potatoes. She was able to pick her cup up off her tray and drink a bit. She was also able pick up her phone and look at a couple of messages for herself. ”

Other postings saying the family’s spoken with a plastic surgeon, who believes Noe suffered second degree burns and that many should heal on their own. But some of the burns on the arm and hands are quote “less predictable.” It also says her good physical condition is helping in the recovery.

Family members on social media have expressed concern about Noe’s future for running and her scholarship at UT. But according to the UT spokeswoman, Noe’s scholarship is not in jeopardy.

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