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Location: New York, USA

Date Of Injury: 2006

My name is Jesse Sink. I am a burn survivor resulting in an accident I was in in 2006 from electrocution. My story was shown on “Doctors TV Show” September 2015.

Follow this link to take a look at my story: The Doctor’s TV

I have a bionic arm that I need to get a replacement for due to wear and tear. However the cost is a little over $2,000.00. I will use any money I receive from this fund for the replacement of my hand. I need the funds as soon as I can raise the money in order to function my daily life and activities. I am a personal fitness trainer so the use of my hand in order to properly show my clients how to workout is essential.

This money would mean so much to me and honestly takes everything out of me to even ask for help. I simply cannot afford the cost of the replacement of the hand and any thing you could donate would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Thank you so so much in advance for your compassion and heartfelt donations…. Anything will help.

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if you would like to follow me on YouTube my channel link is: Bionic Jesse

If you can help Jesse please click HERE.