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Location: Bloomington, IN

Date Of Injury: April 2015

Josie is a Victim of a Horrific Fire Accident Fighting for Her Life! Over 50% of her body was damaged so bad they had to replace her skin from a Donor! She can’t use hands arms or bend! Also she has undergone 12 Surgeries so far with many to come and has lost her world as she knew it. So, we are trying to give her a new start and outlook on life!

She is having such a hard time trusting anyone and thinks everyone is out to hurt her! Everything she was doing every day
all came to a tragic stop and she doesn’t know how she is ever going to use her hands again or if she will ever be normal again! I can’t put into words how bad this really is! Its the worst thing I have ever seen. There has only been 1 other case this bad in 26 yrs said Riley Children’s Hospital staff.

God Bless!

UPDATE Aug 2015
Josie has now been released to the Ronald McDonald House for the time being until they decide on the surgery. She has therapy 5 days a week and sees the Burn Doctor once a week so we have a very busy schedule.

I gave the wrong days on how long it has been since we have received any donations; it’s been 12 days. I sure hope we get more donations because we don’t even have half of what we need to pay for our Angel’s surgery, that she’s in terrible need of, to help her achieve her life’s dreams. We have $12,000 so far and we need $30,000 just for the surgery. In addition, we need things for her when she goes home. We need a home of our own so that Josie can have her own room. She needs a sterile room to prevent infection of her open wounds, that she’ll have for a very long time. It’s going to be even worse when she has to have another surgery soon which will put her right back at step one again.

UPDATE Dec 2015
Josie is doing well and completing therapy is the next step! Keep up the good job Josie!

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