Location: Unknown

Date Of Injury: Unknown

Kanisha Anthony was in a house fire when she was just 4-years-old. Tragically, the fire claimed the life of one of her brothers but fortunately, Kanisha, another of her brothers and her mother were able to make it our of the fire. Kanisha was pulled from the fire by her big toe and that is the reason she is alive and here to share her story with us.

Growing up, Kanisha said that she didn’t like going outside. She said that she was stared at because of her scars. One incident that Kanisha recalls in visit detail is standing in line for a ride at a Six Flags theme park. A woman approached Kanisha’s father and asked if Kanisha had a disease, because if Kanisha had a disease, the woman didn’t want her children standing next to Kanisha, or riding the ride with her.

Speaking of what she went through, Kanisha says that it was hard and it hurt her. At the same time, she says, her story made it possible for her to help other people. In spite of her injuries, Kanisha never says that she “can’t” do something. She says that she is “okay, I love my life, it’s pretty awesome.”

While Kanisha was told that she would never be able to carry a child due to the scar tissue on her abdomen, Kanisha is blessed with two beautiful children and has another one on the way.