Date Of Injury: 2016

This fundraiser is to help my son and I through financial hardship and to ease the stress of recent events involving my son whom had a Mod / vapor device catch fire in his pocket and cause severe third degree burns to his leg. He has had one surgery so far and needs two more. With prayer his leg will take to skin graph and begin long term healing.

The fundraiser is to help with current bills and for all the physical therapy travels and many visits in the future to burn therapy etc. I’m normally not the type to except financial help however at this point I’m realizing that the journey ahead will be long, stressful and difficult for my son and I. I am disabled and on a set income. I can normally handle simple things financially however this is no simple thing.

I would like to add for those misinformed, I did not approve this device and like majority of kids tend to make the decision to go behind their parents back. Kids will be kids and thats why together we are trying to send a message that is these devices can be dangerous and as you all have seen could be life altering. So don’t smoke don’t vape.

Anything helps and is very much appreciated. If you are unable to contribute we definitely understand however we ask for a healing and fast recovery prayers. I also finally learned how to adjust the goal and how to work this fundraiser properly. Again spread the word to your family and friends these devices can be very dangerous.

If you can help Marcus please click HERE.

UPDATE March 14, 2016 – Marcus is strong and healing well. Pain is up and down but tolerable. Although he is stubborn and wants do so much he understands and is cautious with his wounds. We have an appointment for this week for burn clinic and possibly to start therapy. It will be a long road for recovery but with prayer and dedication he will over come this Tragedy. We thank you so much for the contributions and prayers the dollar definitely doesn’t go as far as it should these days.

Burn Survivor, marcus