Location: Houston, TX

Date Of Injury: December 2010

It all happened in 5th grade when me and my cousin were in the backyard and it was December so it was cold. We started a small fire and the fire was going out so he grabbed a gas can and poured gasoline on the fire. BOOM! We were on fire.

The weird thing is that I didn’t feel myself on fire.

I am from Houston Texas so I wasn’t very far from Shriners Hospital in Galveston, Texas. I was in ICU for 6 months but got out of the hospital after 8 months and returned to school in 6th grade.

Thanks to my good grades I didn’t have many friends but the friends I had were the best. They understood my story and the ones who seemed to remember and my family I am the most grateful for them staying by my side, praying for me and giving me hope. Without their enthusiasm I wouldn’t be a 15-year-old sophomore today! These scars are not holding me back. If anything I’m overcoming them and still accepting myself.

-Melanie Perez, Burn Survivor