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Location: N. Lawrence, NY

Date Of Injury: March 2015

On March 20th MiKenzie Jock was a victim of a grease fire, and was rushed to the hospital. They realzied how severe her burns were, and was airlifted to the Upstate Hospital burn unit in Syracuse. From this day she’s had two skin graft surgeries, including her backside and both of her legs. MiKenzie has gone through an enormous amount of pain, but remains positive, being one of the strongest people we know. With this happening, medical and travel expenses are just an added stress that no one should have to go through. MiKenzie and her family will be continuously going back to the hospital weekly for checkups.

We are hoping to make this as easy as possible for not only MiKenzie, but for the people supporting her. Any donation, is gratefully appreciated.

UPDATE April 2015
On early Thursday morning MiKenzie was having difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and there was a lot of pain in her lungs. She went to the hospital to discover that she had blood clots in both of her lungs. MiKenzie went home that same day with medication, because with her burns and immune system, it’s too of a high risk for her to stay on anything but a burn unit. She had her weekly checkup the following day in Syracuse, they also made sure it was okay for her to come home, because of her lungs. They told her that with the blood clots in her lungs, her pain level will increasingly get worse before it gets better. This is a setback until she is cleared. She can’t do Physical Therapy for her burns, and even isn’t able to walk around and stretch her legs.
MiKenzie needs even more support than before. Please keep her in your prayers, and know that we’re grateful for all of your support.

If you can help MiKenzie please click HERE.