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Location: Oklahoma, USA

Date Of Injury: 1998

Morenike was just six years old when the terrible accident happened.

The unsuspecting little girl, who lives in Oklahoma, had simply leaned over the oven to taste some of her aunt’s cooking. And the oven exploded, changing her life forever.

“The first thing I did after running out [the house] was to pour water on myself,” Morenike Oshin (24) told The Daily Mail.

“Apparently when you’re on fire, you’re not supposed to douse yourself with water, but I didn’t know this.

“The next thing I remember is being driven to the hospital. I don’t think there is a way to describe the pain.”

As she had suffered severe burns, doctors had to use a scalpel to carve her skin open as she was too badly burned to insert a drip.

Far from being out of the woods, the young girl was in for a long and difficult recovery. In fact her recuperation was so extensive that she only returned to school the year after the incident. She also wasn’t allowed to play her friends outside as doctors were not sure how her scars would react to being exposed to the sun.

“I was basically locked up in my house because the world outside the gates of our house was too frightening.”

Returning to school didn’t make things any better. Teased and ridiculed, Morenike’s self-esteem was shattered, and she shut herself off from the rest of the world.

But it all changed when she decided to start a fashion blog in 2014. Finally she had a platform where she could share her love for shoes and express her style.

The blog was met with positive response, strengthening her self-esteem.

“My blog has definitely helped with my confidence. It’s taken 18 years to figure it out but I’ve finally realised that what people say about me isn’t important.

“I live with my skin now, but I never really look at it.”

More than a decade since the scarring accident, she now has found a way to use her personal journey to inspire others.

Through Instagram and her blog, she expresses her love for fashion, all the while proudly showing her scars.

“The journey may be painful but the destination might just be the sweetest!” reads one of her motivational posts on Instagram.

Another reads, “Through the scars and all, enjoy wholeheartedly those moments of laughter where everything else blurs, and joy is the only thing left.”

“I’d say my best accessory is my smile”, says Morenike, “I would keep this over anything else! Happy #nationalsmileday Don’t forget to pass it on, its infectious!”