Post courtesy of Nata’s Nurture


Location: Colombia

Date Of Injury: 2012

In November 2012 a skinny Quasimodo Krueger-like person is sitting on the edge of a bed staring back at me from the mirror, asking me a lot of uncomfortable questions.

How long will you survive this new life? Your new look?

How will you get back on your feet emotionally? Spiritually? Financially?

How long will it take you to get your life back again?

At 28 I lived in a lovely apartment in Curaçao and worked as a freelance psychologist / lecturer. After my move at 24 years old my life was finally moving towards a direction I was in peace with. The thought of that all being vanished after my dress caught fire late June 2012 was devastating. Within less than 30 seconds 50% of my body got damaged and I finally had to be transported to the San Vicente burn unit in Colombia. My hospitalization took two long months. I was relieved that most of the physical pain was over, but I had no idea how mentally painful my recovery would be. It became clear to me that psychological help only would not be enough to survive this.

There are multiple ways of dealing with trauma and depression. Since I had to start all over again I was forced to take life day by day. The attempt to kick of this blog has been made many times, with both enthusiasm on the one hand and a certain feeling of anxiety and despair on the other.

The reason why I call this blog Nata’s Nurture is because I have realized that good nurture got me through most of my recovery. Nurture in the form of (tough) love from family and friends (always keeping it real), humor, healthy nutrition and (D.I.Y.) beauty / cosmetic treatments are just a few to mention. However to apply all of the above I needed to persevere and remain patient. Some days more than others as recovery goes hand in hand with accepting relapse as part of the process.

Here at Nata’s Nurture I will share with you which tools I have used personally so far to help myself mentally as well as physically to survive the craziness I have experienced as a burn survivor while trying to look forward to a positive and bright future.

I hope you will enjoy reading this roller coaster😉,