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Location: Massachusetts

Date Of Injury: June 2016

My step daughter, Tasha, her husband and 2 children just moved back to Tashas hometown from years of living in florida and Colorado in order to be closer to her family. They have been here since April and have had a difficult time getting life in order. They found a home and her husband, Kaleb, starts his new job Tuesday.

Last tuesday their son, Noah, was messing with gas and a lighter. He dug a hole, poured the gas into the hole and lit it, not realizing gas was on his pants. His pants caught on fire and thank the good Lord, he knew to drop and roll. He did however sustain 3rd degree burns. Currently he has toxic shock and needs to be transported to Boston Children’s Hospital burn unit. His blood pressure is so high he can’t be moved yet. He will need several skin grafts.

Due to lack of funds and only one vehicle, Kaleb will need the car to start his job and the baby will spend time with my daughter. Tasha will be left to handle the rest.

If you can help Noah please click HERE.