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Location: UK

Date Of Injury: 1995

Throughout her life, Raiché has been involved with many charities and tries to give back to those who helped her during her recovery. She currently works with two charities, the first is called The Children’s Burn Club. This charity was in fact established by doctors and nurses who were treating Raiché and her brother in the first few years of their recovery. At the time the doctors and nurses felt that there was no support out there for child burn survivors so this is where it all began.

The charity offers support to young burn survivors and their families to help them come to terms with burn trauma and altered body image. The club is open to any young person under the age of 18 that has a burn injury. Raiché received so much invaluable support from the charity growing up, they gave her opportunities that she would never have experienced; she was taken on many trips including visits to Disney Land Florida and Paris! Raiché now plays a huge part in organising events and supports the children who are going through burn recovery.

When she is not working for The Children’s Burn Club, you will find her volunteering at The Katie Piper Foundation. The foundation’s aim is to have a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of wellbeing. The volunteers from the foundation support burn survivors throughout their recovery and provide a number of support services including skin camouflage advice, hair restoration and medical tattooing.

Raiché works closely with the Katie Piper Foundation and helps out during many of the events run by them, she was recently the volunteer coordinator for the KPF at the Ideal Home Show in London. “It’s fun, I really love it,” says Raiché.

Raiché is in the process of establishing her own charity- it will be in place for burn survivors who she feels are less targeted at the moment. The charity will be for the age range of 18-25 and will focus on helping people going through burns trauma. If you wish to read more about Raiché please click here.