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Location: Mexico

Date Of Injury: April 2015

Hello! I am the wife of the Dutchman Rolf Schut. Unfortunately on April 7th, 2015 he had a major work accident. The electric shock he received from a transformer caused severe internal burns subsequently igniting his outer body into flames and burning over 60 percent of his body.

Because of this most unfortunate event, I am contacting you and respectfully request your assistance and /or support as the seriousness of my husband’s condition will require a long period of rehabilitation; medications, compression garments, hospitalization, rehabilitation therapy and psychologic counseling. Additionally, upon his discharge from the hospital, doctors recommended having his bed and bathroom with shower on the first floor because he won’t be able to use the stairs.

Before the accident we built in the back of the house, however it is not finished. It is necessary to have the most aseptic environment possible because burn victims are at a higher risk of infection. We also need a hospital type bed with railings, building materials to finish the construction on the back of the house and the materials and flooring for building a bathroom with a shower. A burn victim needs constant surgeries, primarily from plastic surgeons, for both aesthetic and functional reconstruction due to the severe burns. He will also need hair grafts as part of his head was affected by the fire. Although Mexico has excellent hospitals and doctors, there is a very small number of burn units that receive medium complexity burn victims and therefore lack the resources, facilities and equipment for the treatment of these high risk and large surface cases, as is the case of my husband who has severe second and third degree burns.

Our two daughters are studying at the University, one in Psychology and the other in Industrial Engineering and are struggling with tuition payments and have not acquired the necessary materials for their classes. We need to buy a laptop for the Engineering program because they use heavy industrial design and the laptop is used in many cases, even for the tests. Now that our family income has been reduced to just a single disability paycheck from my husbands’ work, we cannot meet our financial obligations.

Please, this is a desperate cry for HELP!, which from the depths of my being I do on behalf of a Dutchman who came to live in this beautiful country of Mexico to start a family like many other foreigners. This was an unfortunate accident that could have happened to anyone. I hope you can help, please, so I ‘m opening this crowd funding account to receive donations which will be most helpful in this unfortunate situation.

I deeply appreciate all your love and help.
God bless you!

Rolf and Mirtha Schut
Puebla, Pue., MEXICO

If you can help Rolf please click HERE.