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Safyre Terry

Location: Georgia, USA

Date Of Injury: February 1, 2016

Safyre Terry, 8, who tragically lost her entire family in fatal fire that left her covered in burn marks, asked for just one thing for Christmas — cards! Well, once her story went viral, people from all over started sending her gifts and cards, including North West, 2, and her cousin Penelope Disick, 3.

North and Penelope got together to create two handmade cards for a special little girl. Safyre is a precious eight-year-old girl who suffered severe burns in a horrific house fire that killed the rest of her family. All she asked for this Christmas was cards — and thousands upon thousands of people delivered. This week while opening a whole new batch of cards, her family realized there were notes from the Kardashians. One picture was a colored in reindeer with a red nose, while Kim scribbled in the corner, “Merry Christmas Safyre Love North West”. Penelope’s was a finger-painted Santa — so precious.