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Location: Unknown

Date Of Injury: 2015

Thinking of sharing an enormously painful n emotional experience I had after an accident involving hot cooking oil spilled all over my face few months ago. It was an extremely n ridiculously painful burn injury to the extend tht I cnt even put it in words. I cried the whole week. Not willing to go to the clinic was the worst decision i’ve ever made. I thought I was strong enough to deal w/ it by myself.

Even worse, my skin ended up ‘fried’ by the oil. This was 2nd degree burn, the skin’s outer layer was totally DESTROYED. Emotional breakdown took place. People looked at me like im a monster. Whispering among themselves n gave me ‘that’ look. I heard ‘ eee, muka dia, kena minyak panas ke tu, teruknya.bla bla bla’ ‘kesiannya’ ‘habis muka’ ‘xlawa dah’ ‘bf nak lagi ke’😭. I heard them all like reallyyyy. This kind of norm / culture should not exist, mngumpat silently plis, jgn bg org yg diumpat dgr pun ckupla.

I treated myself for 1week. Only during the 2nd week tht I went to a doctor. After nearly 2months, Scars disappeared. Used -bio oil, hirudoid, aloe gel, silicone sheets, myk gamat, n the list continues. But I tell ya, nothing is more effective than the fresh aloe vera gel, the one u take from the aloe plant n apply it straight away. It worked like magic as u cn see in the right pic(but yeah it took lotsa patience n time)so yeah- masih ada harapan for anyone yg go through the same nasib as me. Masa nila kita dpt tgk the true colours of the people surrounding us.