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Location: Martinsburg, WV

Date Of Injury: 2015

Hey everyone, if you’ve found your way here then we probably consider ourselves either friends or something of the sort! I’m reaching out to my friends and family (or anyone with a kind heart at that ) for their help in my desperate time of need. As you probably already know, my dear friend Josh and I were involved in a terrible accident that left us both severely burnt, hospitalized, and extremely lucky to be here with you today. We both recieced 1st to 3rd degree burns all across our bodies and faces that came as the result of what seemed like an instantaneous and nearly fatal car fire. We both received immediate medical evacuation to the renowned 4H burn unit at the Medstar Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC due to the treatability and severity of our burns. The burn unit here at Medstar is absolutely phenomenal and I could not have asked for a more skilled, talented, passionate, and most of all loving team of medical professionals to carry me through this tragic event in my life. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near financially capable to support this team and hospitals amazing medical services that have been graciously provided to me without question. I am here asking you guys to please help me pay for these medical services because I do not have any form of insurance, and it’s going to be absolutely devastating and hindering to my future if I am left to pay for all of this by myself. I understand that many of my friends are in the same financial situation that I am in, and I do not have any expectations going into this as I will still love my family and friends all the same, and now love and appreciate every single one of them even more after all of this. Thank you for any help that can be given, I love you guys, and I cannot wait until I can be home with you again. Take care while I’m away. -Stephan

If you can help Stephan & Josh please click HERE.