Location: Iowa, USA

Date Of Injury:

I was cooking strawberry jam on the stove and I bent over to grab a lid out of the cupboard when my shirt got caught on the burner. The shirt was from a thrift store and must have not gotten some chemical cleaned all the way out despite multiple cleanings. So my shirt went up in flames and I went into panic and took my shirt off and threw it in the kitchen sink.

I was all burned up and shaking so I called my husband who was busy getting an oil change and he said he would be right home but I couldn’t wait. I tossed on a different shirt and got in my car to drive a mile to the ER.

At the ER, I was told that it was only second degree and was sent home. The burns became infected and I ended up at The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics burn unit on Monday. I was told I had third degree burns and I had surgery. They took skin from my legs and stapled it onto my chest and arm. I was in the hospital for nine days.

Now I am at home, doing follow up appointments with hospital and taking care of the bandages with help of my wonderful husband.

Burn Survivor, tami anderson