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Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Date Of Injury: August 2015

On August 2, the Warners were camping with some friends, from Hollies post in her words here is what happened:

We were camping at mirror lake with some friends. A fire flashed and caught Teag’s pajamas. They went up fast and seemed immpossible to get out. Chris and I were so lucky Nephi was there to help. What an incredible boy and hero that jumped in and risked his life to save our son. Chris , Nephi and I were rolling swatting , throwing dirt trying to get the fire out. Finally it was out. Bruce & Kathy stepped in and helped with the …other boys and we headed towards cell service and a hospital 48 miles away. Chris was calm and did what he needed to do to get us down the mountain. First responders met us, then an ambulance. Life flt picked us up and we headed to the U. Teags got burns on 30% of his body. Mostly the waist down, some on his arms, some on his stomach and a little on his face.

It was a long night but here’s the update for today …
Teag ate and is doing very good this morning. They just told him no more eating they may need to release some pressure in his legs which requires a small surgery. They changed his bandages which was so hard to be the momma and watching. We have a long road ahead with several surgeries. He’s going to have lots of skin grafting done. The first of those will probably start in a couple days. The nurses and doctors are all amazed how strong he is. He’s been so strong!

Thank you so much for the out pouring of love and support. Chris and I have recieved so many messages. We are sorry we have not responded. We are grateful for all the angels we’ve had! Please continue sending love and prayers. We feel it.

This family has a long journey ahead of them and I know how costly it can be to have a little one in the hospital for a long period. I also know how stressful it can be to have to worry about making the bills in the process. If we can help them with some relief to focus on Teagan and his recovery. He has wonderful parents, 3 little brothers and a whole line of support cheering him on.

UPDATE Nov 17, 2015:
A lot has happened in the last month. Teagan got released from the hospital on October 26th. He was at the University of Utah hospital for 85 days. He has been on a roller coaster of emotions. He gets very emotional and discouraged easily, he has a hard time understanding why he got burned and has to go through this. He doesn’t believe he will get to do the things he got to do before his accident. Teagan is a very active boy, he loves playing outside with his brothers, from riding bikes, building forts, to using his imagination with his brothers to got on all sorts of adventures. He worries he will not be able to be as he was. He also has a passion for cooking and baking. Hollie had him help cook the other day and even the heat from the oven made him nervous. Psychologically he has a lot to over come. Its going to be a very lengthy process to help him through his fears.

Teagan is still on a low amount of oxygen and has a feeding tube. He has a hard time eating solids and has an appointment with a specialist in December to address the problem. He still has to go to the hospital daily for physical therapy. He has days he does great, and then again, days where he wants to give up. We know everyones positive words of encouragement and love is a big part of what helps Teagan on his rough days. He sat in the tub and cried the other night while Hollie read him posts from people offering support.

The Warner family still has a very long road ahead of them. There are some things that insurance will not cover so I know they greatly appreciate the continued amount of love and support. There have been so many angels sent to them through this process, one of the biggest ones is Baylee and her family. It is with a heavy heart to say that Baylee did not make it. She has now become a guardian angel to her family. The Hoaldridges have offered so much comfort and support to Teagan. He had such a special bond with Baylee, he was constantly worried about her and her condition. Baylee is the first friend that Teagan has to experience losing, if I could ask for a prayer of comfort for Teagan as he deals with losing his special friend. We also offer many prayers of comfort and strength to Baylees family. She was their only daughter and was a light to every one she came in contact with. She has touched and inspired so many lives in her 15 years on earth. Thank you BJ and Nicole for sharing your sweet daughters story with so many people. We hope you can feel the thousands of prayers being offered on your behalf.

Remember to hold your loved ones tight. Cherish the relationships you have and live in the moment. Life is to short to take things for granted. “The best things in live aren’t things” Thank you so much for all the support you each continue to offer. Every comment is read, every act of love is appreciated, and every prayer is being felt. A special thank you to the amazing staff at the University of Utah. You guys pour your hearts into your jobs. On days you might feel like you don’t make a difference, trust me you do. The love you give your patients and their families is what helps them through so many rough times. I know you become like family to so many of them. Again, Thank You. You are appreciated.

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