Date Of Injury: October 16, 2013

October 16th 2013 my boyfriend Beau and I were involved in a house explosion. There was a natural gas leak inside our home and I went to go light a candle. Needless to say our house blew up while we were inside. My boyfriend found me, and carried me out. 3 weeks in a coma and a 4 month hospital stay. I suffered 53% of my body burned 2nd 3rd and 4th degree.

My boyfriend 1st and 2nd 61% of his body. We were lucky enough to receive a SPECIAL treatment that isn’t legalized in the US as of yet called re-cell. I was the first person to receive it on a large portion of my body and past 2nd degree. Also, there was medical grade honey that was used on my face, so I had NO GRAFTING done. Because of us, the re-cell is going through a trial process to eventually become legalized and used on future burns.

Burn Survivor, tiara