Time Deadlines

“It can never be too soon, but it can be too late”.
Concerning personal injury claims, there are specific laws which vary state-by-state as to the deadlines within which one can initiate a claim or file a lawsuit. Failure to do so within the time limit may mean the loss of legal rights.
No matter how much time has passed since the injury or accident occurred, you (or a family member) should contact a personal injury attorney immediately to discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident or injury.
It is crucial that an investigation of the facts of the accident or injury be instigated as soon as possible in order to secure evidence which otherwise may be lost or destroyed and take statements from any witnesses. Witnesses may disappear or their memory may fade, so it is important to get their statements as quickly as possible.
The victim is often focused on recovery (and rightfully so). A responsible family member or trusted friend can be appointed to secure legal counsel on behalf of the burn survivor so that they may focus on recovery.