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Location: USA

Date Of Injury: 2016

Tomasz came from Poland in search of the American dream. He’s lead a hard life, his mother died early in life, he was partially raised by nun’s and family friends help. He bounced from house to house, never a stable home or love. Once he made it to the US as an adult, he worked hard manual labor jobs in construction to earn a living. As if his life was not hard enough, it took a turn for the worse…

While working on a home remodel for a contractor, he was holding a gas container for torch welding. IT EXPLODED IN HIS HANDS. A flash explosion occurred, his face, head, neck, hands, arms and stomach were on fire. He suffered 3rd degree burns. His hands had no flesh, he received skin grafts at Loyola Hospital near Chicago. Due to being without insurance (no medical – no workmans comp), his medical bills from 2 weeks spent at the ICU Burn Unit & surgery are going to be incredibly large. He’s lost employment, relying on friends for help.

Please find it in your heart to help him financially pay the medical bills, and support himself through this difficult time. Being alone with no support is tough, being alone and disabled is so much more.

UPDATE – Apr 6, 2016:
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to all those who have opened their hearts with donations and support for Tomasz.

Medical update: Tomasz was seeming to improve in his skin condition, the 2 nurses who were coming to change his bandages and wash to wounds were very patient and gentle with him. However, at the last visit they raised concern that the transplanted skin wasn’t looking good, became very bright red. They suspect either the body not accepting the transplant or infection. Tomasz has an appt to see the plastic surgeon for guidance.

His mental state has turned, he is having a hard time dealing with the status he is in. Having to rely on others on every single task, from food preparation to bathing to everything else, he feels pulled further from “life”. Tomasz is worried about his future looking bleak, not knowing how long this healing and rehabilitation process may take.

If you can help Tomasz please click HERE.