Troy Rowe

Date Of Injury: October, 2015

I was burned 83% of my body some 4th degree, mainly 3rd, and some second, but I was an extractor for medical marijuana. I had a partner over doing his product at the time, I was inside my house for roughly 30 min while they were out in the garage doing work. I walked outside for about a min walled back into the garage and an explosion had happened the parent freaked out and tossed the gasoline in a panic and I happened to be in the path.

I immediately pulled his girlfriend that was behind me out of the garage, the ex partner had ran thru the house like a chicken with his head cut off. I ran to the back after pulling her from the garage grabbed my hose, sprayed myself off, ran to her sprayed her off, and then I was fighting the fire inside my garage for about 5-10 min, meanwhile being tremendously burned. Having to pull motorcycles around to put of fires that were underneath. Then after I got all the fire out, we all packed inside the car and drove to the hospital.

I ran in and yelled there was 2 more that we needed help. A lady immediately came out with a wheelchair and told me to sit down and I immediately passed out and don’t remember anything until couple months later when I woke up from a coma. I couldn’t talk, walk, eat, drink, or move. I literally couldn’t even roll over.

So day by day I was getting little better from there. Got the trach out, I could finally talk and start drinking and eating. Then I had to learn how to use my hands all over again. Then was walking, oh man was that a struggle. Took me 2 months to learn to walk and be able to support myself. Then another 4 months after that I’m able to walk without a walker or cane.

They expected me to be in the hospital for about a year and was only in for 3-4 months. Doctors were surprised someone as far burnt as me, doing as well as I am.

Instagram: @ubenkilled