Location: Western Australia

Date Of Injury: Unknown

When she was just 24-years-old, Turia Pitt was running in the Kimberley Ultramarathon, that took place in Western Australia, when she found herself trapped in a bush fire. The bush fire left her with burn injuries to more than 65% of Turia’s body and following the injuries, she spent more than 860 days in the hospital and endured more than 100 surgeries.

Turia says that what got her through her hospital stay and long road to recovery was the support of her family, her friends and the love of her partner. All of their love and support gave her the strength to pull through and to heal. Today, Turia lives everyday to the fullest, and she remains an avid runner.

We are amazed by Turia’s remarkable story. We are so inspired by her positive outlook on life and the way she triumphantly returned to running which was an activity that she loved dearly prior to her injuries.