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Tyler Routon

Location: Georgia, USA

Date Of Injury: January 19, 2016

My name is Tyler Routon, on Jan 12th my family was involved in a house explosion and fire. at my grandparents home there was a propane gas leak, and when my grandpa went to light the stove to cook dinner there was a massive explosion completely destroying and burning there house to the ground. My grandpa was burned over 70% of his body. My grandma is much better because she was in another room. my brother and cousin were living next door and was able to save them at the cost of third degree burns to both my brothers hands they are all currently in the hospital doing good except my grandpa he is fighting for his life please anything you can do to help whether donating or just sharing for any medical/housing/possible funeral expenses would mean more than you could possibly know to my entire family thank you so much for everything God bless you and your family.

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Burn Survivor, Tyler Routon