Location: Virginia, USA

Date Of Injury: February 3, 2016

Valerie Smith works at Bridgewater Barber. She doesn’t have sick time, unemployment, or short term disability! Valerie was in a bad fire Wednesday night the fire blew out on her throwing her across the room. The fire was so intense it singed her hair extremely bad and Molly her dogs whiskers.

Valerie was transported from Augusta Health to UVA by rescue squad where she spent the next 2 nights in the UVA burn center. I am trying to raise money for medical expenses and she can not work for up to 3 weeks at least. Her body is covered mostly all over with 2nd degree burns.

I took on the horrible chore of scrubbing her wounds everyday then wrapping her. No one could imagine this pain. Yesterday she literally passed out on me and the nurse while we were scrubbing her. The nurse had to run and get help. I was able to bring her to and talked to her for a little bit about my baby girls. After a couple minutes we got her back in her bed, then we had to finish the worst arm in bed. This is absolutely the worst injury I have ever encountered. She can never get comfortable no matter what you do – the burn sensation is still there!

If you can help Valerie please click HERE.

Burn Survivor, valerie smith