Location: Sheffield, UK

Date Of Injury: November 2015

My injury occurred in November 2014 after dropping a hot ribena onto my lap while wearing skinny jeans. At the time I was suffering from a kidney infection and had been advised to drink hot drinks. This resulted in two and three quarter degree burns to 5% of my body area on my upper thighs.

I was treated by the amazing burns team at the Northern General in Sheffield where I spent 8 days as an inpatient within their specialist burns unit. Followed by a skin graft a month later and three times a week 200 mile round trips to have my burns dressings changed. Due to the fact that I had quickly removed my jeans and spent 20 minutes in a bath of cold water this made a huge difference to my recovery and scarring however did result in slight hypothermia.

The care I received was amazing. During my recovery I was unable to wear clothing on my legs and over my injuries and thought I would never be able to ride my bike or wear skinny jeans again. However thanks to the wonderful support of the team in Sheffield I was able to make a full recovery and competed three triathlons and one open water swim in the summer of 2015 to raise money for the Katie Piper Foundation. I was unable to return to work full time for six months after my injury.

The picture was taken 6 weeks after my injury.

Burn Survivor, victoria nelsey