My Name is Wendy and I would like to share my story. I hope this helps others especially when cooking.  My accident happened 3 years ago.  I was cooking a celebratory dinner for my husband.  I was cooking a stir-fry dinner.   When I was done cooking I reached over to turn of the burner ( as I have done this so many times before ) this time my sleeve touched the burner and my shirt on the right side went on fire.

At first I froze, I then went to the sink to try and put out the fire. I quickly took my shirt off over my head . I was very fortunate that my hair and nothing else got burned because by the time  I removed my shirt most of the right side of my shirt was on fire.  This all took place within a minute or so. I did realize my right arm was badly burned.

I did sustain deep 3 degree and deep 2 degree burns on my right arm and inner elbow area. I had two skin graft surgeries. I was living in Arizona at the time of my accident and I would like to share that the care I did receive at the Phoenix Burn center in Az was so Wonderful . All the Doctors and nurses and all of the staff were and are so kind and supportive.  There kindness and support helped me through the most challenging  and most painful time of my life.

My husband is so wonderful and supportive as well. I have a contracture and my husband has helped me so much with my arm that I have a better range of motion because of the the work he has helped to achieve.  He also helps  me with my biggest challenge and that is that my scars do not define the person I am.

I have hidden scars so I can wear a long sleeve top or a jacket and nobody would see my scars.  My biggest challenge is when I do wear a short sleeve top I do get the stares and sometimes I do get the not so nice comment or remark.  The emotional component part of  that and living with  my scars has been hard for me. I survived the scariest day of my life. I  would like is to help as many burn survivors I can, by sharing my story and supporting  all the   emotions you go through after a burn accident.

In ending my story I would like to say accidents happen when we least except it. I would like to say that when cooking please be aware of everything and if you are wearing a long sleeve top please roll up your sleeves  so they are away from the burners and stove-top area.  All it takes is a spit second to change your life. The day of my accident changed my life and will forever remain with me. It also made me a much stronger person and  I am more aware of so many things I took for granted before my accident.